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  • 7. Officers Quarters

    Officers, who had the responsibility of command, received the perks that came with the position. Four three-story duplexes were built along officers’ row, with two sets of quarters in each building. Typically, an officer and his family occupied half of one of these buildings. If the officer was a bachelor, he might share his quarters with other bachelors. Each of these quarters had two bedrooms, a dining room, and parlor for entertainment, a morning or sitting room and a kitchen. This officers’ quarters is believed to have been the home of Captain Thomas Swords, the post quartermaster, and his wife, Charlotte. To deal with the hardships of the frontier, the Swords sought to bring the comfort and culture of their homes in the East with them. In these elegant quarters, the Swords entertained guests, had social gatherings, dined on meals prepared by their servants, and furnished their quarters with books, curtains, rugs, a dining room table, and fine china and silver. One observer at another post commented of an officers’ quarters that “there is comfort and neatness always … and a very successful attempt at luxury. …. In these houses are to be found elegant and well dressed women…”