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  • 4. Stables

    This building stabled the horses of the dragoons, soldiers trained to fight on horse and on foot. Designed to shelter 80 horses, the stables included a hayloft and granaries that stored the horses’ daily ration of 14 lbs of hay, 6 qts. of oats, and 4 qts. of corn. A window above each stall provided the horses with ventilation, giving the horse relief and comfort during the often blistering summers. Tack rooms stored the equipment that enabled the horse and soldier to function as one. Here soldiers groomed their horses for the task of patrolling and protecting the frontier. Infantry jokingly referred to the dragoons as nursemaids, because they spent so much time caring for their horses. A dragoon officer stated that “it requires… attention to see that the horses are in complete condition, that their equipments are so strong, and in such good repair… and are so adjusted upon each animal, so as not to impede his action and power”