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  • 3. Infantry Barracks

    Before you is one of two reconstructed infantry barracks, home to the infantry soldiers at Fort Scott. Today, this building houses museum exhibits, but originally would have been laid out similar to the dragoon barracks seen later on the tour. Called the “backbone of the army,” the infantry soldiers, marching into combat on foot, formed the core of the army’s fighting forces. Many were dismayed to learn upon arrival at Fort Scott that they were to be used as a glorified labor force. Using tools such as the adze and broadax, the infantry hand hewed the beams used to build this and other fort structures. Several complained they had not joined the army to build houses. This situation was not unique to Fort Scott however. General Zachary Taylor stated, “The ax, pick, saw, and trowel have become more the implement of the American soldier than the cannon, musket, or sword"